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How kraft paper bags helps in effective marketing

Nowadays, people are accustomed to carrying a paper bag instead of carrying a plastic bag. What on earth makes people change their travel habits and what makes people so fond of carrying paper bags? Today Bosingpackaging paper bag factory will tell you the answer by the packaging of wheat straw.


1. Portable paper bags are exquisite and versatile

The paper bag can hold a lot of things, such as fresh food, clothes, toys and documents

2. The paper bag can be recycled

Portable paper bags are soft and wear-resistant, which can be folded into a variety of forms and can be recycled. The number of normal use is more than 10,000 times

3. Green paper bag

The universal use of paper bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and greatly reduce the spread of white pollution.

4.Excellent performance of the paper bag

The kraft paper bag factory manufactures portable paper bag is made of environmental protection material in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standard.

The disadvantages of using plastic bags are as follows: first, the main source of "white pollution"; second, non-recyclable; third, bury contaminated soil and groundwater; Burning pollutes the air.

There are advantages to using a paper bag: low price and easy promotion, longer service life than a paper bag and a recycle

So, We all like the blue sky, the clear lake water, the fresh air, eager to live in the birds and flowers, hope our home more beautiful. To do that we need to start doing it now. Reduce the use of plastic bags and use more environmentally friendly bags.

The cost of buying a cowhide paper bag is still relatively favorable, does not require much expense, the purchase cost is also very low. It is also the best type of paper bag to be used in large shopping malls. It is easy to be loved by customers so that customers are willing to buy food packed with this kind of paper bag, because it is stronger and more environmentally friendly than a white plastic bag.