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What type of paper bag should you use for groceries

The kind of bag is very tired, the material of paper is varied, the design is also very much.

According to the material can be divided into white card paper bag, white board paper bag, copper board paper bag, kraft paper bag, and a small number of special paper manufacturing.

According to the sides, the bottom and the back of the bag:

There are four types of paper bags, such as open seam bag, open joint corner bag, valve type suture bag, and valve type flat hexagonal end joint bag.


According to the different ways of handle and hole digging:

NKK (perforated and pierced), NAK (non-perforated and corded, divided into standard open and closed), DCK (cordless pocket body hole digging handle), BBK (non-piercing tongue hole).

For different purposes:

It includes archive bag, envelope, handbag, cement bag, feed bag, wax paper bag, fertilizer bag, laminated paper bag, four-layer paper bag, medicine bag, clothes bag, food bag, shopping bag, gift bag, wine water bag. Use is different, the specification that designs size, include the thickness of paper of paper bag to have a lot of requirement.

Therefore, paper packaging manufacturers should be customized according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of twice the result with half the effort and economic application, providing more guarantee for material saving, green environmental protection, and enterprise capital investment.

Modern people pursue more avant-garde, fashion, the appearance of exquisite, unique packaging is always more susceptible to young people. The packaging bags we use daily will print a variety of product information or business information, to provide convenience for shoppers, and also to expand publicity and improve the visibility of the enterprise. In our daily use of a variety of packaging bag types, the handbag should be the most unique design style is also the most novel. Whether it's going out on shopping or shopping, a handy handbag can always bring us more convenience. Although the proportion of tote bag is small and small among many daily consumer goods, it has the advantage that other shopping bag cannot be overthrown.


Nowadays is a society that attaches great importance to environmental protection. New environmental protection products are always favored by more people. Paper bag with its natural material, shopping bag series of products have a greater advantage. However, paper bag factory should also understand that although the paper bags are made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials, the natural resources to be used for manufacturing are also quite large, and the healthier and environmentally-friendly products still need to be developed.